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Vehicle Telematics Analytics for the Insurance Industry

As the automotive industry shifts, insurance providers have gained access to unprecedented volumes of data through telematics devices, changing the course of the industry.  

As exciting as this sounds, existing mainstream CPU-based analytics systems are overwhelmed by the massive amounts of data, forcing insurers to pre-aggregate and downsample this wealth of information, leaving them with questionable insights.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Download this informative whitepaper: Vehicle Telematics Analytics for the Insurance Industry.

Now, when you integrate your existing analytics systems with the OmniSci platform, you’ll get insights on all your data—even billions of rows—in milliseconds.

For insurers, that means you can instantly:

  • Adapt to structural changes occurring in the automobile industry
  • Set UBI premiums accurately and transparently
  • Understand driving behavior data (DBD) in the context of environmental data
  • Provide personalized feedback that helps policyholders drive more safely.

Read this important whitepaper today and get on the road to extreme analytics.

Download the whitepaper: Vehicle Telematics Analytics for the Insurance Industry