Meet with OmniSci at NVIDIA GTC 2021

November 8 - 11, 2021

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Meet with the OmniSci team during NVIDIA GTC 2021 and you will be entered to win a Star Wars lego set! Schedule a personalized demo with an OmniSci expert to learn why OmniSci is the only analytics platform that can handle your largest datasets.

Try OmniSci Free

OmniSci Free is a full-featured version of our accelerated analytics platform available for use at no cost. OmniSci Free allows users to leverage the full power of the OmniSci Analytics Platform, including OmniSciDB, OmniSci Render Engine, OmniSci Immerse, and the OmniSci Data Science Toolkit, to explore and gain insights from their big data at the speed of curiosity. 

OmniSci Free Overview: 

  • OmniSci Free is licensed for commercial use, with the exception of paid hosting
  • Up to 3 active user sessions 
  • 32GB memory capacity
  • Can visualize more hundreds of millions of rows of data

Download OmniSci Free here. 

Enter to Win!