Accelerated Analytics & Data Science White Paper (Solution Brief)

Translating Spatiotemporal Big Data for Data-Driven Enterprises and Governments

The Challenge

The world of big data grows faster than our imagination. From vehicle telematics and IoT sensors, to clickstream and mobile devices, data pours in at millions of records per second, or more. Organizations demand decision quality information at the speed of thought to maintain a competitive edge, capitalize on emerging market opportunities, or avoid catastrophic blindspots.

The HEAVY.AI Solution

In this data science white paper/solution brief, you’ll see how HEAVY.AI enables visual interactions with billions of records at millisecond speeds for a wide array of data science case studies with solutions, including:

  • Network Reliability Analysis
  • Geospatial Intelligence in Federal
  • Vegetation Management for Utilities 
  • Fleet Management for Telco
  • Oil & Gas: Acquisition & Divestment

Download the white paper on data science and accelerated analytics for a short solution brief on how to overcome the growing issues that big data brings to organizations. 

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