Solution Overview: NVIDIA and OmniSci, the GPU-accelerated analytics platform.

The GPU-Accelerated SQL Engine and Visualization System 

The presence of extraordinary amounts of data, to train on, to learn from, and to explore, represents a golden age of computing. But beneath this incredible opportunity lies a massive challenge. Traditional CPU compute cannot keep pace with the growth in data, and as a result, even the most sophisticated organizations are unable to unlock its value.

Integrated Solution

There is a new approach to computing and analytics that solves this yawning gap, involving the application of GPU compute from NVIDIA and analytical software from OmniSci. By harnessing the parallel processing power of GPUs to power in-memory database and visual analytics applications, OmniSci enables the exploration of billions of rows of data with millisecond latency.

Download this Solution Brief to see how OmniSci and NVIDIA deliver unparalleled speed, petabyte scale, and immersive visualization.

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