Dealing with Data Sprawl in Modern Telco Data Analytics

Embrace the Future of Telco Data Analytics

Current Telco Analytics Approaches Are Not Designed For This New Era

Telecommunications organizations have long been early innovators and adopters in leveraging the power of telco data analytics & AI to improve both their network operations and their top line.

From customer churn management to robocall fraud, there is no shortage of use cases that require data infrastructure and analytics for telcos to get ahead. Yet, few of these tools are capable of addressing the multi-faceted nature of the telco analytics challenges today.

Modern Telco Analytics Trends Focus on a New Approach: Convergence

Getting the timely, actionable insight required for any data-driven workflow is more critical than ever before, especially in the world of big data, complexity and new use cases. We need to rethink how telcos approach analytics from dispersed data sources. The solution is converged GPU-accelerated analytics for telco data.

In this telco data analytics whitepaper, you’ll learn about:

  • The changing nature of data analytics problems faced by the telecommunications industry
  • How legacy analytics platforms pigeon-hole telecom insights
  • How to achieve the timely, actionable insight required for any data-driven workflow
  • The path to converged analytics

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