RTInsights: Accelerated Analytics on the OmniSci Platform

With access to massive amounts of data—more than ever before—analysts are faced with the daunting task of pre-aggregating and downsampling, leading to misleading results in their queries and potentially providing recommendations that are based on inaccuracies.

Fortunately, there’s a solution that avoids any and all pre-processing, thereby resulting in true results, based on all your data, and queried in milliseconds. That solution is OmniSci.

Download this essential ebook to learn more about OmniSci, with in-depth descriptions of all aspects of the OmniSci platform along with use cases across numerous industries.

Here’s just a few highlights:

  • Process billions of rows of data in real-time to better monitor network performance and reliability
  • Spot long-term trends in just seconds instead of hours, resulting in quicker response rates
  • Improve accuracy of point mapping to develop a competitive edge through spatiotemporal insights
  • Increase data engagement with speed-of-thought user experience.

By maximizing your data-driven insights for more accurate decision-making, OmniSci helps you meet your strategic goals and achieve valuable business outcomes.

Download this RTInsights ebook, now!