Achieve Operational Readiness with Accelerated Military Analytics for GEOINT

Big Data Military Intelligence for National Defense

In Defense & Intelligence, milliseconds can mean everything. Real-time military analytics is the tactical edge for mission success. This is why information dominance for military operational readiness is so critical, and why the Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence communities collect and analyze so much military big data–everything from logistics, to IoT sensor data, to social media and signals metadata. Yet existing military geospatial technology and GEOINT software solutions are unable to keep up with the proliferation of this data.

Expand and Improve the Use of Data Analytics in Military with HEAVY.AI GEOINT Tools

In this paper, you’ll learn how HEAVY.AI enables military data analytics at extreme speed and scale, with an unprecedented advanced analytics experience, to unlock new big data military applications around:

  • Identifying data driven patterns of life ahead of planned operations
  • Pin-pointing anomalies and trends over time and location
  • Speeding time to insight, improving analysis for military decisions, and dominating the information environment
  • Speeding tactical decision-making for real-time logistics and supply chain management, enabling agencies to guide troops and supplies, optimize networks, assess infrastructure, and address maintenance needs, all with a real-time operational cadence

Download the Accelerated Military Analytics for GEOINT whitepaper today for mission-critical insights from big data in military use cases.

Generate mission-critical insights with accelerated data analytics in military