Power Real-Time Telco Network Operations

Telecommunication companies have invested huge resources to collect and store network data, but their ability to analyze that data for network reliability lags far behind.

Download this insightful whitepaper and you’ll discover how numerous telcos are integrating HEAVY.AI into their analytics systems in order to handle big data and transform the analytics experience for their analysts and data scientists.

In this whitepaper, you’ll see how HEAVY.AI:

  • Harnesses the massive parallelism of modern CPU and GPU hardware for zero-latency analytics, at scale and with real-time interaction
  • Provides intuitive and interactive data visualization utilizing an open source SQL engine
  • Offers a managed cloud service that can scale to billions of records with query results in seconds
  • Ensures exceptional usability that allows analysts and data scientists to build dashboards and start exploring in minutes.

Download "Power Real-Time Telco Network Operations"– now.

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